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Thap Lan National Park

Forest land is the last large parcels Lan Thailand Park is the second largest of the approximately 2,240 eye
Track kilometers (1.4 million rai) area in Thap Lan National Park. The activity of nature and wildlife. National Tap.
Courtyard area with mountains, plateaus switch. Part is in Phanom Dong Rak mountain range. The peak is at his antelope The demarcation line. Between Prachinburi. And Nakhon Ratchasima Height of about 992 meters from sea level. Thap Lan is a forest of origin. Upstream rivers such as turmeric Huai Huai Huai a fish bone Khiraed San Huai Huai Huai Phu Hom data fork Huai Huai Lam No Bull. Huai Huai Duan Kut eye color and they flow together as the water content. Major rivers of the Northeast.


Khao pang ma

khaopangma as a mountain next to the Khao Yai National Park. Away from the Wang Nam Kiew from streets or roads Suebsiri line 304 Nakhon Ratchasima - Prachin Buri is the place to view scenery. Camping. Nature study and two more animals, especially large Bull drove out families, "he panel horse" in the past used to be forest land with which he filled with great abundance. Many kinds of wildlife live in.
Abundance of the creek water as rivers. Flow together in a fire before the aircraft into the Moon River. Is the main lifeline. People on earth.


Nam tok wang jo ra khe

Area in the care of the SAO SAO Thai unity has to do landscaping and road improvements to improve the surfing resources. See the most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand T. unity because it is a long waterfall and clear water in the pond water for swimming throughout the year. This waterfall is supported by ground water, forests and Thap Lan National Park is one of the river at the source of the river's Bangpakong. Eastern sides of the Huai Turmeric is also rich with natural forest floor are also many Entrance to the Palace of Waterfalls. Walking is suitable for tourists who want to walk in forest And nature study. Wang crocodiles are waterfalls that flow from the canal Bull.
Huai flows to meet a large set Banthai Village unity. (Kum Canal Bull) T. Wang, A. unity Thai green water, Nakhon Ratchasima.


Pha Chom Tawan

Located in Moo 6, Huay Yai Thai SAO under this area of unity with watershed conservation group data. To go together to reforestation. As the rest View Kang tent This area has two waterfalls side overlooking the beautiful. And the ground floor. Would fall under the Huai Yai layered. Viewed favored during the rainy season. Can be viewed as the scenery was very beautiful because they can see the floor. Forest Park, and the source of the channel. Wang Huai Yai and the Crocodile. Have filed away the stone cliffs. Can be seen. Thap Lan National Park, scenic areas and gardens surround the waterfall. Well as hills, the joints between A. Nadi, Prachinburi. (East) and A. Wang Nam Kiew. Sima, Nakhon Rnrr ª (Northeast) Location: Down at the Huai Yai.


Khao Salat Dai

View Point area, he Salat Dai. Considered a major tourist destination in Sub Thai unity. You can see the beautiful scenery around. The government has created stations Repeater Organization phone On this hill. Visitor's to watch the beauty of nature and watch the sea mist on him this morning.


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